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Experience the Rivalry, Passion and Talent of ‘The Beautiful Game’

Football Tours

Football is as famous for its dramatic moments of play as it is for its passionate fan base, but ‘The Beautiful Game’ is also one of the most exciting and emotionally-charged sports to watch live. From fancy footwork to great goal scoring, the electric atmosphere on the field and in the stands is addictively intoxicating. If you are a football fan, nothing compares to experiencing a match in person. Our football tour packages will give you this opportunity.

Whether you are dreaming of watching Real Madrid take on Barcelona or Arsenal go head-to-head with Chelsea, our football tours ensure you experience the moments that move you. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold football package deals are tiered to give you the best options. Plus, we will handle all of your football travel plans and can further tailor our tours to include flights, transfers, upgraded accommodation and grandstand seating and even destination excursions. Contact Edusport today, and we will make your football travel dreams a reality.

Featured Football Events

Best Football Packages

Our football tour packages give you one-click access to action, drama, passion and excitement. Choose Bronze, Silver or Gold options, or contact us about customised football tours.

Manchester City vs Tottenham Travel Packages

from R 5200 pp

Chelsea vs Manchester United Travel Package

from R 15450 pp

La Liga Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

from R 19550 pp

La Liga Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid

from R 10750 pp

La Liga Barcelona vs. Sevilla

from R 7450 pp

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace Travel Package

from R 9980 pp

Champions League Final Packages

from R 29500 pp

2018 Europa League Final Packages

from R 11300 pp

Arsenal vs. Everton Travel Package

from R 7100 pp

Manchester United vs. Chelsea Travel Package

from R 12300 pp

La Liga Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid Package

from R 8450 pp

FA Cup Final Packages

from R 17500 pp

Liverpool vs Stoke Travel Package

from R 7600 pp

Chelsea vs. Spurs Travel Package

from R 11290 pp

Chelsea vs. Liverpool Travel Package

from R 15500 pp

Manchester United vs. Arsenal Travel Package

from R 11500 pp

Arsenal vs. Burnley Travel Package

from R 6990 pp

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