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Participation Sports

Some sporting events are just better when you’re part of the action


Getting involved and participating in a sports event is always better than watching from the sidelines. If you’re an active sport enthusiast, or even a weekend player, a participation sports package is the perfect way to hone those skills. 

Some sporting events are just better when you’re part of the action, and not watching from the sidelines, like taking part in the Tour de France or teeing off on one of the most iconic golf courses in history on a St Andrews golf trip. If you want to be more than a spectator, our Participation Travel Packages allow you to take part in popular sporting events across the globe.   

Our agents can tailor the perfect participation sports travel package to suit your requirements, including flights, airport transfers, accommodation, official event tickets, and even more perks and value adds. To ensure that your experience is seamless from the start to the finish line, we can assist you with logistical transport arrangements for your sporting equipment, be it your bicycle or your golf clubs. We can also help you in arranging the appropriate equipment rentals in your destination, on your behalf.  

Why book a Participation Sport package?

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Fuss Free Travel Planning

Leave the travel planning to us, while you focus on your training.

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Get Access to Top Events

We’ve got direct access to entry tickets to select sporting events.

Fit & Active - Participation Travel

Keep Fit and Active

Don’t just be a spectator, sign up and be part of the experience.

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