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Football is more than just a game – it is the lifeblood of many passionate fans across the world. When it comes to football, few rivalries run as deep as the one between Liverpool and Manchester United. These two iconic Premier League teams have a long and storied history of intense competition, with each side constantly vying to outdo the other. The atmosphere at Old Trafford and Anfield stadiums is electric whenever these bitter rivals take to the field. Edusport has provided tickets and packages for countless Liverpool vs Manchester United matches over the years. Here, we’ll delve deeper into the history of this great rivalry, and provide a rundown of each team’s most celebrated players, coaches, and current captains.  

Understanding the History of the Game

The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United goes back many decades. The two clubs have a combined total of 39 English League titles, with Liverpool winning 19 and Manchester United winning 20, making them the two most successful teams in the history of English football.  

The animosity between Liverpool and Manchester United is fueled by a number of factors, such as their close geographical proximity, history of financial competitiveness, and their longstanding battles for domestic and European football supremacy. In many ways, the Liverpool vs Manchester United fixture is the biggest fixture in English football, perhaps even in world football.

 A Competitive Relationship  

These two iconic football clubs have faced each other over 200 times in various competitions, with Liverpool winning 80 games, Manchester United winning 68, and 62 games resulting in draws. Manchester United has faced Liverpool more than any other club in English football. The first ever meeting between the two teams dates back to 1894, which Manchester United won 4-0. Since then, Liverpool and Manchester United have played each other in some of the most epic and memorable football games in history. Among these classic matches are Liverpool’s 4-1 win at Old Trafford in March 2009, Manchester United’s 3-2 victory at Old Trafford in January 2021. However, recent history has seen Liverpool beat Manchester United 4 times out of a possible 7 since then including the shocking 7- 0 thrashing that took place on 5 March 2023. 

To get a better feel of the great players that have graced these two clubs, here are the top 5 greatest players from each team: 

Manchester United:  

  1. Sir Bobby Charlton 
  2. George Best 
  3. Ryan Giggs 
  4. Roy Keane 
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo


  1. Kenny Dalglish 
  2. Steven Gerrard 
  3. Ian Rush 
  4. John Barnes 
  5. Mohamed Salah

Both clubs have had legendary managers as well, such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Morinho and Bill Shankly or current favorite Jurgen Klopp, who guided their respective teams to unparalleled success. Current captains are Virgil Van Dijk for Liverpool and Bruno Fernandes for Manchester United. 

The Toughest Stadium

Atmospheres at both stadiums, Old Trafford and Anfield, are second to none, with both sets of fans passionate, noisy, and fervently supporting their teams. These matches are as much about bragging rights and local pride as they are about the actual football. However, as many have attested to games at Anfield – as opponents are second to none, this is considered the hardest stadium to play at as opponents. 

Getting to the Action

If you are planning on attending a Liverpool vs Manchester United match, then look no further than Edusport. We offer great travel agent football packages including manchester united match tickets and liverpool match tickets. You can customize your package to include flights, accommodation, transfers, and more—all while securing your event tickets directly from the official organisers. There’s no better way to experience the atmosphere and excitement of this historic rivalry. 

Manchester United v Liverpool

The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United is one of the most intense and passionate in the world of sport. These two iconic Premier League teams have battled it out for over a century, creating some of the most exciting and memorable moments in football history. As Edusport, we have seen it all, from epic comebacks to stunning upsets, and we’re ready to help you experience the thrill of the Liverpool vs Manchester United fixture firsthand. Whether you’re a diehard Liverpool or Manchester United fan, or simply a lover of football, you won’t want to miss this historic rivalry. Plan your travel agent football packages with Edusport today, and get ready for an unforgettable experience at Old Trafford or Anfield. Book your package today! 

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