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Are you an avid Premier League football fan itching to roar in the stadiums of England and cheer on your team at their matches? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a handy guide that lays out all the details for catching Premier League action live and direct from some of the most dynamic sporting venues across England. From doling out standing ovations when football superstars make miraculous plays to singing along with thousands of fellow fans during epic moments – there’s nothing quite like witnessing a match firsthand in one of these famous sport stadiums. So come join us as we explore The Stadium Showdown: A Guide to the Best Places To Watch Premier League Football Live and in Person!


Anfield is the home of Liverpool Football Club, one of the most successful clubs in English and European football. The stadium has been the home of Liverpool FC since 1892, and Anfield has seen some of the most memorable moments in football history. It was at Anfield in 1965 that Bill Shankly’s team won their first English title, while when Liverpool won their fifth European Cup in 2005 they did so at Anfield. The atmosphere inside Anfield on match days is unlike any other venue in world football and it is an amazing experience for all spectators. 

Top Stadiums in the Premier League

Etihad Stadium:

Etihad Stadium is situated just outside Manchester city centre and serves as home to Manchester City Football Club. The stadium was opened in 2002 and it can accommodate up to 55 000 people on match days making it one of the largest grounds in England. Since its opening Etihad Stadium has hosted several major sporting events such as Olympic games soccer tournaments as well as several international friendly matches between top-level teams from around Europe.

Top Stadiums in the Premier League

Old Trafford:

Old Trafford is the home of Manchester United Football Club, and it remains one of the most iconic stadiums in world football. As the largest club stadium in England, Old Trafford has hosted some of the biggest matches over the years and has witnessed some incredible events. From hosting a World Cup semi-final to being part of some dramatic Champions League campaigns, Old Trafford has been a witness to history time and time again. 

Top Stadiums in the Premier League

Emirates Stadium:

The Emirates Stadium is home to Arsenal Football Club, who have played there since 2006 after leaving their previous home at Highbury Stadium. Boasting a capacity of 60,000 seats, it is one of the largest stadiums in London and regularly hosts some huge Premier League matches each season. In addition to Premier League fixtures, Emirates Stadium also hosts international matches, cup finals, concerts and other special events throughout the year.

Top Stadiums in the Premier League

Stamford Bridge:

Stamford Bridge is a much-loved football stadium located close to central London which serves as home to Chelsea Football Club since 1905. This stadium can host almost 42000 fans during match day which makes it an intimidating place for visiting teams with spectators chanting for their favorite team across all four corners of this historic venue with each passing moment giving rise to a sea of blue flags being waved by supporters wearing Chelsea shirts or scarves with pride! Stamford Bridge also hosts several other high-profile events like boxing bouts or tennis tournaments from time to time adding further value and attraction for sports lovers everywhere! 

Top Stadiums in the Premier League

There’s nothing like watching your team play live in the Premier League – it really is a bucket list experience. And if you want to make sure you get tickets to the games you want to see, contact us and we’ll hook you up. We know all the best ways to get tickets to the biggest games, so you can just sit back and enjoy the action. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today and let us help you plan your perfect Premier League travel package. 

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