2020 has certainly changed the way sports fans across the world watch, participate in and engage in sports. For many, the cancellation of their favourite sports has been tough to endure, for others, postponements and shifting of games and seasons has become a reality. The most forward-thinking choice for many sporting events has since been to either play behind doors or allow ‘boxed’ seating in which limited seating is provided – socially distanced. We’ve therefore relooked at the sporting industry and have created a list of bucketlist events every sports fan should experience at least once in their lives. 

Rugby World Cup  

The Rugby World Cup needs no introduction to bucketlist event! It’s an experience like no other. Whether you’re hyped up on gees or the unity of the nations as countries compete for the coveted title of Rugby World Cup Champions, you’re sure to feel the buzz! Taking place every four years, this ‘month of rugby’ is any rugby fan’s dream experience.  

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix  

The Monaco Grand Prix is annually held at the Circuit de Monaco. Thought of as the most prestigious and glamorous Grand Prix, the rich and famous tend to watch this event more than the rest. Explore the beautiful scenery of Monaco while you’re there and truly embody the life of luxury.  

Motogp Valencia

Valencia MotoGP  

Brush up on your Spanish and experience the Valencia MotoGP! Taking place annually at the Circuit Ricardo Tomo, from its first race in 1999, this has been a MotoGP to watch. Whether you’re going to experience the vibrancy of culture or sporting heritage in Valencia, this is an event to be added to the list.  

Wimbledon 2020 Travel Package


The grand slam of grand slams is a must. Not only do all the tennis heavyweights make every effort to be present in hopes of claiming the Wimbledon Championship title, the event has also traditionally seen new, young players on the circuit make dramatic entries into the public eye. Well known as the only grand slam to be played on grass courts, this creates a new dynamic for up and coming tennis players to showcase their skills.  


Tour de France  

The Superbowl of cycling; The Tour de France is the biggest opportunity for cyclists from across the world to pedal their way through France in grueling journey through 9 stages to claim the title. Explore the little robust towns that France has to offer as you watch the cyclists push themselves to extremes to wear the yellow jersey for the following stage.  

Premier League Football - Edusport

English Premier League (match of your favourite team) 

The most expensive soccer league in the world is a must-watch for any soccer fan. The live experience is unlike anything else. The intensity of the crowd, watching your favorite team or players do what they do best, is truly an indescribable feeling.  

Cape Town Sevens

Cape Town Sevens 

Locals who have experienced the Cape Town Sevens know that there’s no bigger sense of pride than when you’re singing the national anthem just before the Blitzbokke take on their opponents. Whether you enjoy the funky dress-up challenge, the comical supporters surrounding you or simply rugby in a flash, Cape Town Sevens is the one to experience.  

Malaysian Grand Prix: Explore Malaysia

Dubai Grand Prix 

Home to the most expensive race track built, the Yas Marina Circuit, The Dubai Grand Prix is a must experience. The UAE is known for its luxurious and lavish lifestylthe Dubai GP is no different. Whether you’re a big motorsport enthusiast, shopper or enjoy the finer things of life, Dubai has something for you. 

Hong Kong Sevens 2020

Hong Kong Sevens  

Considered the premier tournament within the World Rugby Sevens Series, this event is recommended for any type of person. Taking place over a weekend, the Hong Kong Sevens brings the fun, fast and crazy atmosphere of sevens rugby and provides you time to explore and experience the best that Hong Kong has to offer; whether its nightlife, technology, culture or new foods, Hong Kong has a bit of everything for everyone. 

US Masters

US Master  

Watch the professionals tee off at the US Mastersone of the major championships to be played throughout the year, yet the only one played in Augusta, Georgia every year. Whether you enjoy watching the ‘big guns’ and their powerful swings as they make their way through the course or the camaraderie of the players, its an event to experience. 

If you’re a big sports fan, then you don’t want to miss out on watching any of these events live. Register your interest now, and we’ll be in touch with our top 2021 sports packages, travel additions and upgrades as soon as they become available. Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Contact Edusport today

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