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Could 2017 be your last chance to experience the Malaysian Grand Prix? Sadly, yes. In a joint decision by Formula 1 and Sepang International Circuit (SIC), this year’s Grand Prix in Malaysia will be the country’s last.

The final Malaysian Grand Prix will take place from 29 September to 1 October 2017, giving you the ultimate excuse to pack your bags and experience the end of a 19-year-long era. With the last-ever Grand Prix at Sepang as the backdrop to your travels, our Malaysia destination guide will help you make the most of your Formula One holiday.

Discover Malaysia

Part glossy urbanism, part rural charm, Malaysia is a fascinating country that blends a wealth of experiences. From the fast pace of Kuala Lumpur to the peace of the countryside and the tranquillity of the beaches, you can pack a whole lot of punch into your Formula One holiday in this incredible country.

Explore Kuala Lumpur

Like its famously speedy Grand Prix, Malaysia is on a rapid trajectory towards fulfilling its government’s “Vision 2020,” and Kuala Lumpur is at the heart of the country’s progress. The Golden Triangle, in the centre of the city, is home to the best shops and restaurants. Be sure to visit the Petronas Towers in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, which, at 452 metres, remains the world’s tallest twin-towered public building. If you want to balance your experiences with some homegrown flavour, head to Chinatown or Little India to explore bustling markets and peruse food stalls and hawker restaurants.

Get Out of Town

With hundreds of holiday destinations available to you in Malaysia, you will be spoiled for choice. Head to the pristine beaches of the east coast for relaxation, or the mountains and jungles for adventure. Try to make some time to explore the rainforests of the Kinabalu National Park.

Savour the Spiritual

Malaysia’s multiculturalism means there is a profusion of faiths and religions, with Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Sikhism and even shamanism on the map. Sacred sites are definitely worth visiting, such as the temples of Penang and the Batu Caves.

Spend Time at Sepang

Besides the Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang hosts races all year round, including the MotoGP championship. When there aren’t events going on you can take a closer look at the track by booking a circuit tour (in advance) and visiting race control, the medical centre, the paddock building and even the winners’ podium.

Have you got your tickets for the Malaysian Grand Prix? This is your last chance to witness the Formula One action at Sepang. Book a Malaysian Grand Prix package today.

  • The Malaysian Grand Prix has taken place annually since 1999.
  • This year’s event in October is set to be a fitting finale for the ground-breaking circuit.
  • During its time on the Formula One calendar, the Malaysian Grand Prix has built a loyal fan base.
  • The circuit’s massive grandstand capacity makes for great viewing, particularly opposite the pits.
  • General admission tickets are a good option as some of the best corners on the track are only accessible by foot.
  • Malaysia’s weather is usually glorious, though 70 percent humidity is not unusual, so take lots of water with you to the track.

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