Spend Some Time in the Great Outdoors on Cycling Holidays

Cycling Holidays

Cycle travel gives you a chance to spend time in the great outdoors, in even greater destinations. For the ultimate in cycling holidays, Europe is home to the annual Tour de France. Whether you want to pedal along with the pro’s on one of the stages of Le Tour or cheer riders from the sidelines, our tailor-made cycling vacations are all about fresh air, fun and the finest bike racing events in the world.

Tiered to give you the best travel options, our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages are designed for hassle-free travel. We can tailor our cycling packages to include flights, transfers, upgraded accommodation, VIP hospitality and destination excursions. Plus, if you are travelling with your bike, we handle all the details on your behalf, from secure storage to transportation. Contact Edusport today about cycling holidays and bike tour packages.

Featured Cycling Events


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