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The fascinating constitutional republic of San Marino is the fifth smallest independent country in the world and is a favourite day-trip destination for visitors to Italy. The historic centre of the Republic is Monte Titano, which sits 749 metres above sea level, providing spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Some of the highlights of San Marino include the waxworks museum, the restored medieval-style citadel and the Giovanni Michelucci church which was built in the 1960s. Just 25km away is the Riviera Di Rimini, which is a big drawcard for locals and international travellers alike.

Rimini is an ideal summer destination and is the picture of Italian fun: gelato at the beachside, dusk till dawn partying and inspirational cultural highlights. In fact, the tourist office has a planned out ‘Roman Itinerary’ which includes architectural highlights and must-visit Italian artworks.

If you would like to head further inland away from the vibrant beach scene, some of the little towns and villages within the province provide a welcome slowing down. Make sure you visit the Santarcangelo di Romagna or San Leo, widely considered some of the prettiest spots in this region of Italy.

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