Hong Kong’s unique history and modern outlook make it a fascinating destination on a travel itinerary to the East. As an autonomous territory on the Pearl River Delta of China, Hong Kong is also the fourth most populated sovereign territory in the world. This tiny state has been a British Colony, was occupied by Japan during World War II, and had its sovereignty transferred from China in 1997, making it a culturally-rich nation. Hong Kong – the name of which is believed to mean ‘Fragrant Harbour’ in Cantonese, and which refers to the incense stored near the docks for export – has also been called ‘The Pearl of the Orient’ and Asia’s World City’. Tourists flock to Hong Kong for many reasons: sporting events, shopping, culinary experiences and its unique Chinese culture. It is not unusual to watch sailors aboard an authentic dragon boat float by, while tempting top-of-the-range gadgets beckon from a nearby bazaar. Make sure you spend time exploring the Mong Kok markets at Kowloon, visiting Po Lin Monastery in Lantau and enjoying a turn on the Peak Tram in the central district.

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