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The centrally-located Czech Republic is arguably one of Europe’s most scenic countries, with mountains, forests and 12 UNESCO Heritage Sites ready to explore. While the capital city of Prague draws most visitors, Brno certainly deserves equal attention. The centre of town is particularly picturesque, with plenty of unique architecture – make sure you visit the Villa Tughenhat or the Petr and Pavel Cathedral. The South-Moravian region, where Brno is situated, is known for its wine farms. Enjoy a bottle or two of Brno’s finest with one of the local specialities: a Sýrová kulička (cheese ball), utopenec (pickled sausage) or Svíčková (beef sirloin in cream sauce), all of which can be found in the many pubs that line the streets of the city. Spend some time out and about discovering Brno’s highlights: the Spilerk Castle situated on the Petrov Hill, and the Veveri Castle near the Brno Reservoir are both popular with visitors. Also worth a visit is the Moravian Karst, a protected nature reserve just north of the city and which includes many unique geological features; over 1 000 caverns and gorges wind their way through the reserve, with five of the cave systems open for public tours.

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