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Aragon is well known for its ornate, Moorish-influenced architecture, which can be seen in Zaragoza’s Basilica of Nuestra Senora del Pilar (Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar). The area is also filled with a variety of experiences: outdoor adventures such as canyoning are popular, and art lovers will enjoy the ever-present influence which Spanish artist Goya continues to have on architecture.

Nearby Alcañiz is the high-altitude town of Teruel, which surprisingly is the only provincial capital not to have a direct railway link to Madrid. The town’s remote location seems to be its greatest attraction, as it has retained its distinctive architectural style. The small, welcoming Spanish town sits along the Guadalupe River in the Teruel province, part of the wider community of Aragon. The region itself is one of the most geographically diverse in Spain; deserts find themselves alongside orchards, waterfalls run into canyons and glaciers overlook fertile pastures.

Aragon is certainly a million miles away from the Spain of sangria and sunburnt beach bodies, but its appeal is in its cultural heritage and deeply fascinating history.

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