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Imagine the thrill of the engines starting up, the crowd roaring, and the sun beating down on your back as the world’s most elite motorcycle riders compete head-to-head. No, this isn’t a scene from a blockbuster movie – this is MotoGP, the pinnacle of two-wheeled racing, and it’s happening live in front of your eyes. If you’re a family of petrol heads eager to make the most of your next holiday, the MotoGP travel package experience offers an electrifying blend of sportsmanship, speed, and a global spectacle that’s perfect for any family adventure. With the global powerhouses like Malaysia, Catalunya, Qatar, Britain and Italy hosting these races, it’s more than just a sporting event: it’s a holiday. 

Planning the Perfect MotoGP Family Holiday

If you’re ready to rev up your next family vacation, consider designing your trip around the passion and excitement of MotoGP. But where do you start? The key to a successful MotoGP vacation is in the planning. A seamless travel package that includes accommodation, breakfast, and exclusive access with Edusport can transform a typical holiday into an adrenaline-fuelled, everlasting memory. We have mastered the art of turning your MotoGP dream into a cost-effective and fun reality, offering tailored MotoGP holiday packages that cater to families from South Africa and beyond. 

Kid-Powered Fun at MotoGP: Are Kids Free at MotoGP? 

The answer is a resounding yes! MotoGP circuits across the world, in their bid to foster the next generation of racing fans, often welcome children under a certain age for free, typically under the age of six to twelve. It’s not just about saving a few rands; it’s about planting the seed of passion for the sport in the youngest hearts and minds. 

Families can look forward to a day at the races knowing that their pint-sized fans are part of the event without dipping into their holiday budget. This inclusive policy makes MotoGP events an ideal family-friendly destination. 

Getting the Inside Track: Public Pit Lane Walks

Amidst the high-speed glamour, MotoGP goes the extra mile – sometimes even letting you step into the pits where the action happens. Public pit lane walks are an occasion when any ticket holder can walk among the mechanics, get a peek inside the garages, and perhaps even exchange nods and smiles with their favourite riders. 

These walks are fantastic for the family. They offer insight into the behind-the-scenes world of MotoGP, a chance to learn more about the technical prowess involved, and the fine-tuning of these speed machines that turn ordinary riders into world champions. It’s an opportunity that combines education and star-spotting in one thrilling experience. 

Wheelie and Wanderlust: Circuits of the World

Each MotoGP race is held in a unique location, and that’s part of the magic. From the futuristic lights of the Losail International Circuit in Qatar to the historic twists and turns of Italy’s Mugello Circuit, the choice of destination is as diverse as the races themselves. Your MotoGP holiday is not just about the race but also about the destinations you are about to explore. Many circuits are located in regions rich in culture and sightseeing opportunities, making it easy to pair your MotoGP adventure with a broader holiday experience that suits the entire family. Here are highlights from a few circuits. 

Sepang, Malaysia

The Sepang International Circuit offers a blend of modernity and culture. A Malaysia MotoGP race weekend can be the perfect excuse to explore Kuala Lumpur’s iconic skyline, lush tropics, and diverse cuisine. Don’t forget to plan a trip to the Batu Caves for cultural immersion or take a culinary trip through the city’s bustling markets. 

Catalunya, Spain

On your travel package to the MotoGP Catalunya, you will venture out of Barcelona to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which is both a motorsport haven and a starting point for exploring the beaches of Costa Brava or the artistic magnificence of Salvador Dalí in Figueres. 

Silverstone, UK

This iconic track is located near the historic town of Northampton in the English countryside but within reach of London, a city that needs no introduction. The beauty of taking the family on a MotoGP Britain travel package holiday is that you can blend a race weekend with a day at the Shakespearean theatre or a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, the home of Harry Potter. 

Misano, Italy

Lined by the Adriatic coast, Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli has the best of beach life and racing when you choose to take the family on a MotoGP Italy travel package. An hour away from Venice and the wonders of Veneto, this circuit promises a full-blown holiday. 

Your Journey Begins with a Single Rev

Your MotoGP travel experience is as much about the race as it is about the adventure with your loved ones. It’s a way to bond over shared interests, create lasting memories, and perhaps ignite the spark of passion for motorbikes in your children. A family trip to a MotoGP event is more than just a holiday – it’s a chance to bond over a shared love of speed, competition, and excitement.  

South Africa to the World: Securing Your MotoGP Package

For South African families looking to make their MotoGP dreams a reality, Edusport is the leading travel agency when it comes to moments that move you and are dedicated to crafting bespoke MotoGP holiday packages. With options that can include accommodation, race tickets, and transfers, these packages are designed to take the stress out of the logistics, leaving you free to focus on the fun. 

Start planning your MotoGP adventure today and get ready to ignite your family’s passion for travel and motorsport. 


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