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There’s a scent of history in the air, mingled with the excitement of fierce competition. The faint echo of tennis balls and the cheers of the crowd guide your way through the throng of tennis enthusiasts and London visitors alike. Stepping onto the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon signifies a quintessential London summer, but how do you make this experience truly yours?  

Here’s our guide to enjoying the full Wimbledon experience, from what to expect, how to queue, what to pack and how to enjoy your Centre Court action. Plus, we’ve included some top tips on travelling around London and what favourite spots to visit while you’re there.  

Understanding the Tournament’s Schedule

Wimbledon, affectionately known as The Championships, is a meticulously timed dance of tradition and sporting excellence. For a first timer, deciphering the tournament’s schedule is critical. 

Early Bird or The Queue? 

Arriving early is an unwritten rule that seasoned Wimbledon-goers live by. While many hopefuls looking to secure Centre Court tickets on the day join The Queue at a very early hour, our Wimbledon packages include your ticket access – so you can waltz right in. The first match of the day on Centre Court commences at 1 p.m., while play starts a little earlier on other courts, typically around 11 a.m. However, the All-England Club will often advise that practice sessions begin much earlier. We do advise going early to catch some of the fantastic tennis on the outside courts. 

Getting to The Venue 

The London metro’s well-oiled machine whisks you from the heart of the city to Wimbledon Village in a mere 20-minute hop. Opt for the District Line, and you’re just a stone’s throw away from the green and purple-clad gates. If you want to add hotel-venue transfers to your Wimbledon package, simply ask and we’ll include it in your quote. 

Immersing in London’s Tapestry 

The beauty of Wimbledon is that it’s not just a tennis tournament – it’s a portal to London’s vibrant culture. To reduce your chances of love-love with the city’s offerings, a premeditated game plan is in order. 

From Hyde Park to High Tea 

For those longing for a quintessentially British experience, a stroll through London’s Hyde Park followed by high tea at The Dorchester should surely be on the cards. Savour cucumber sandwiches and warm scones, topped with clotted cream and jam, as the epitome of posh refreshments. 

London Eye on The Skyline 

Peering down the River Thames from the dizzying heights of the London Eye provides a breathtaking panorama of the city’s storied landmarks. This slow, suspended flight is an excellent way to orientate yourself, as you explore the many delights of London. 

Costs and Currency Considerations

How much should you expect to part with in the pursuit of Wimbledon wonder and London allure? Wimbledon is renowned for its strict adherence to tradition, and this extends to the on-site facilities. Cash is king for transactions within the grounds, so make sure to pocket enough to stave off any court-side cravings or souvenir temptations. 

Savvy Spending with a Smile 

In contrast, London’s dynamic economic landscape welcomes a multitude of payment methods. From contactless cards to mobile payments, the city’s merchants bend over backward to ensure a seamless transaction, leaving you with more time and less hassle. 

The Score on Player Earnings

Curiosity often serves an ace, leading fans to wonder about a crucial yet tacit dimension of the sport – just how much does Wimbledon pay its players? The financial game is just as intense. Here’s a peek into tennis’ million-dollar question: 

How Much Do the Players Get Paid? 

Wimbledon stands as the most lucrative of the Grand Slam tournaments. In 2023, the prize pot reached a staggering £50 million. The men’s and women’s singles champions each took home £2.35 million. However, it’s not just about the winners. Players that make it to the early rounds still reap a harvest; even first-round losers can pocket over £45,000. 

Whether you’re awaiting the 2024 Championships with bated breath or London is your next holiday destination, this comprehensive guide unveils the insider’s nuggets to make your Wimbledon visit and London tour as extraordinary as the event itself. Browse our Wimbledon travel packages for 2024. 

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