Lynette Chiniah

Operations Manager

Lynette Chiniah

Operations Manager

Edusport Operations Manager Lynette Chiniah shares her long-time experiences with the company as well as her favourite sporting events.

What attracted you to working in the travel industry, specifically the sport travel sector? Tell us a bit about your career journey to Edusport.

I wanted a career in accounting but defaulted to travel and tourism, however I incorporated BSP, fares and ticketing so that I could still work in finance. I guess I am part of the furniture at Edusport! I started in the finance department as BSP and accounts assistant in August 2000, and I then moved onto becoming a full time travel consultant in December 2002 doing local sport and school tours.

From there I  became more involved in group outbound international tours and thus gaining more experience and knowledge in outbound sports events and incentive travel.

What are some of the highlights from your career in sport travel, at Edusport?

Working on major sport events and getting the opportunity to attend these events with clients has been a highlight! My favourite events have been the 2003 Cricket World Cup in South Africa – assisting with the ground logistics and flights; the Rugby World Cups in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015, as well as the Olympic Games, Grand Prixs, local and international Tri-Nations and the British Lions Tour.

My Top 3 Sport Events

The Rugby World Cup, Grand Prix and UEFA Champions League are my favourite events; just to be a part of something so universal… the vibe and the atmosphere created by the fans in the stadium just gives you goosebumps and makes you think…I am really here and part of this awesome experience!


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