Elaine Perumal

Financial Controller

Elaine Perumel

Financial Controller

Edusport Financial Controller Elaine Perumal shares her tips on travelling overseas to an international sporting event.

What attracted you to working in the travel industry, specifically the sport travel sector? Tell us a bit about your career journey to Edusport.

It was by chance that I ended up in the sports travel sector. I worked as a receptionist in the retail and medical industry, and while a Travel Agency had previously employed me on a part-time basis, I was not exposed to such diversity. After being employed at Edusport as a contract worker in 2007, I was given the opportunity to become a permanent staff member in 2008 as a receptionist. Later that year I moved to the Finance Department as a financial controller. Since then I’ve grown on many levels both in my department and the company.

What are some of the highlights from your career in sport travel, at Edusport?

Some of my most memorable highlights would be assisting our former inbound manager with the meet and greet for the 2009 British Lions tour and attending the Spain vs. Germany match during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. To interact with foreigners and locals and see the passion they had for the sport was simply amazing! Watching my favourite team – Spain – win that game was such a highlight, and those experiences will forever be etched in my memory. You get to see how much work goes into making every event a success and memorable for each client; when you see the smiles and hear the cheering, it makes what you do worth the while.

My Top 3 Sport Events

I would recommend the FIFA World Cup™, IRB Rugby World Cup and the ICC Cricket World Cup as these are major events occurring only every 4 years. The hype both before and during these events is simply exhilarating! A bonus is that these tournaments take place at different venues across the world, so it gives you the opportunity to watch your favourite sport, and at the same time experience new cultures and explore the beauty and diversity of a new country.


Resist the temptation to accept cheap tickets or offers for events overseas. It’s best to avoid fly-by-nights who are trying to make an easy buck off unsuspecting foreigners and you may find your tickets are invalid. Rather go through a reputable agency like Edusport, and take travel insurance so you are covered in all instances.

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