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Castle Lager Outgoing Tour

11 - 2 December 2017


Dates: 11 Nov 2017 - 2 Dec 2017

Destinations: France, Ireland, Italy

The Springboks take on a formidable quartet in the 2017 Castle Lager Outdoing Tour, which takes place in Europe during November. First up is the international test against Ireland in Dublin, on 12 November.

Ireland is currently sitting at fourth in the world rankings, and are well known for their expansive, running rugby; they will indeed prove a formidable opponent.

The Springboks then play France on 18 November. France is currently sitting at number 6 in the world, and in 2016 they were runners-up in the Six Nations tournament. The next match is against Italy on 25 November. The Italians, while out of the Top 10 in the world, finished fourth in the 2016 Six Nations, ahead of Scotland and Wales, and will prove a challenging opposition for the Springboks. The final match against Wales kicks off on the 2nd of December.

The 2017 Castle Lager Outgoing Tour comes off the back of the June series against France at home,and the Springboks will have much to prove as the year comes to a close. Your rugby package to this series can include tickets to one or more of the games, and you can upgrade your package to include not only your accommodation but your flights, transfers and VIP hospitality. Enquire with us today and make sure you are front row for the 2017 Castle Lager Outgoing Tour.

Event Packages List

Castle Lager Outgoing Tour France vs. SA

from R 7200 pp

Castle Lager Outgoing Tour Italy vs. SA

from R 5600 pp

Castle Lager Outgoing Tour Wales vs SA

from R 10150 pp

Castle Lager Outgoing Tour Ireland vs. SA

from R 11600 pp



Art de Vivre (the art of living) is what characterises the French experience. A country quite unlike any other, France embraces a simple way of life and a rich artistic heritage that is felt in every element of society. Art, architecture, fashion, food, wine - the list is endless; France is world-class, iconic and culturally diverse in more ways than one. Visit the Eiffel Tower, Champs de Elysees and Montmartre in Paris or the wine country in Champagne. Explore the beachside city of Nice and discover spectacular sights like Mont St Michel and the Loire Valley Chateaux. Wherever you go, you can always enjoy a warm croissant and coffee in a typical street-side cafe. If you are visiting France for the first time, choose an area to explore and do it well - it will entice you to return again and again.


Ireland is filled with fierce characters, legendary heroes and myths that span the full width of this island nation, with history presenting itself in ancient landscapes, monastic ruins hundreds of years old, as well as in the formidable Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin. Scattered throughout the country in even the most modern centres is the rich cultural heritage of Irish folklore, music and festivals.  Politically, the country is split into the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. While the country is small enough to explore on a single visit, there are so many nooks and crannies to discover that you could return time and time again to new experiences. Highlights include visiting Trinity College and the Temple Bar District in Dublin, exploring scenic southern peninsulas south of Cork, and sitting in any local pub to the sounds of the Irish fiddle and lilting Gaelic song, warmed by a full glass of Guinness.


Without a doubt, Italy remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Europe, particularly as it is the centre of historical Roman-era architecture and Renaissance art, as well as the birthplace of much modern science and exploration. In fact, the country is home to a staggering 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the most in the world. Italy borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, and its famous ‘boot’ - where you will find Tuscany and Sicily - extends into the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is well known for its slow pace, stylish flair and incredible cuisine - gelato and pasta remain iconic foods in Italy for both locals and visitors. Visit the Pantheon and Colosseum in Rome, take in the incredible art of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica, travel along the scenic Amalfi Coast and snap a photo at the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa.


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