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Kazakhstan MotoGP 2024

14 - 16 June 2024

In 2023, Kazakhstan hosted its first ever MotoGP, featuring the Sokol International Racetrack, and became the 30th different country in the world since 1949 to do so.

Located just outside Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, Sokol is a brand-new motorsport complex constructed in the heart of Central Asia. The region will be a new pitstop for MotoGP™ as the sport continues to expand around the world, engaging with new markets and fanbases.

Plan your trip now to the 2024 Kazakhstan MotoGP, taking place in July this year. Book your motorsport with Edusport, the leaders in sports travel.

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Kazakhstan is a land of mystery and fascinating culture that are sure to quench your thirst for adventure. Located in Central Asia, Kazakhstan offers visitors a unique mix of Eastern and Western cultures. The steppes of the country are covered with the marks of ancient civilisations and the cities boast neo-modern architecture. With beautiful landscapes, remarkable wildlife, and rich history, it's not hard to find something new around every corner to explore. For those looking for a bit more excitement, you can sample delectable traditional cuisines or even enjoy some cultural performances. However you choose to experience it, Kazakhstan is an exciting journey full of promise - ready to set fire to your sense of inquiry.


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