Experience Captivating Moments of Sportsmanship on Golf Holidays with Edusport

Golf Tournaments

There is a distinct buzz in the air when you are at a golf tournament. From the crowded grandstands to the souvenir-packed gift shops, the overarching feeling is that you are experiencing something special. Attending a golf tournament in person also gives you a much better feel for the nuances of the course: its fairways, the speed of the greens, the thickness of the rough or the overall difficulty of a shot. You get a unique perspective on how the players approach a hole, seeing which side of the tee box they start from, how narrow the fairway is when viewed from the tee, their intended line and landing area and how much they shape their shot to avoid a bunker.

Experience captivating golf holidays with Edusport. Whether you are dreaming of watching your favourite players battle it out for the Ryder Cup or to claim the title of US Open Champion, our golf packages are tiered to give you the best travel options. Plus, we can tailor our golf trip packages to include flights, transfers, upgraded accommodation and grandstand seating and even destination excursions.

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