With over 200 days of sunshine, Sochi has long been Russia’s most popular summer destination but has also emerged as one of the country’s top sporting destinations. In 2014, the city hosted its first Formula One Grand Prix as well as the 22nd Olympic Winter Games and 11th Paralympic Winter Games. It is also a host city for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Sochi’s unique blend of scenery, from the warm azure waters of the Black Sea and high mountains of the Caucasus, makes it a unique destination. Here, you can pack both your swimsuit and your skis as Sochi’s unique subtropical climate in late April means that it is theoretically possible for visitors to be able to enjoy a swim in the sea and hit the ski slopes in the mountains. Sochi is jam-packed with exciting attractions. Watch an opera at the dramatic Winter Theatre or wander around Sochi’s art and history museums. Spend a day exploring the Dendrary Botanical Gardens, or strolling along the Black Sea coast. Sample Russian cuisine in a local restaurant, take an excursion to view local waterfalls, or simply meander through the town to observe the many examples of Stalinist architecture.

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