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Argentina stretches like a jaguar along the south-eastern coast of South America, reaching the very tip of the continent. It is the eighth-largest country in the world, and also claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. The name ‘Argentina’ comes from Italian origin, meaning ‘silver’; indeed, the country was first associated with the silver mountains legend, a mythical region in the continent’s interior thought to be home to endless amounts of silver. Argentina’s natural beauty is typified in mighty Iguazu Falls (the highest in the world), and the Glacier Perito Moreno in the south. The highest mountains in the Andes can also be found in Argentina, while the lower forest and lake regions are filled with rare animal and birdlife. If you are visiting Argentina for the first time, be sure to explore the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, enjoy a variety of ethnic cuisine and Argentine wine, and visit Ushuaia, the very tip of South America.

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